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EXPLICIT digital magazine offers a way of advertising and marketing to the entire Munster Technological University (MTU),  students, and staff, disseminating your message to your target audience. 

EXPLICIT University magazine delivers across digital platforms targetting the entire student body and alumni of over 18,000. Oriented at third-level students across our Bishopstown campus, Cork School of Music, Cork College of Art & Design, and the National Maritime College of Ireland. 

Magazine advertising

explicit – 22 years of success…

explicit digital Magazine is the hugely popular magazine of MTU Cork Students’ Union. It targets the entire student body, staff and alumni of over 18,000+  on Bishopstown campus, Cork School of Music, Cork College of Art and Design and the National Maritime College of Ireland.

The magazine is distributed using the following methods:

  • Specially designated section on our homepage
  • Extensive distribution via SU digital publishing platforms
  • A link is emailed to all at the University campuses, for every issue

Discounts are available for advertising packages. Please feel free to contact us so we may discuss one to suit your requirements or receive a pricelist and any further details

Contact Us

MTU Students’ Union, 1st Floor Student Centre, Bishopstown, Cork.   

  • 021-433 5274


Prices are exclusive of VAT. Discounts are available for advertising packages. Please feel free to contact us so we may 

discuss one to suit your requirements. Advertising Rates are valid for 2022 – 2023 academic year. E&OE.

EXPLICIT Tech Spec & Dates

Please do not hesitate to email or telephone us on 021 433 5274 should you have any questions.

  • Please ensure that all advertisments are saved as high resolution (300dpi) PDF, JPG, TIF or EPS
  • Appropriate bleed and margins are allowed with at least 3mm bleed on all edges
  • Fonts should be outlined in EPS files and included/embedded with other formats such as PDF
  • If submitting files for us to design an advertisement, please ensure all images are high resolution and you have a realistic amount of text for the size of the advert booked


Our Yearly Handbook & Diary

The MTU Students’ Union Handbook is packed with useful info and doubles as a journal – this aids the longevity of your advertising.

The publication is distributed once yearly (In September) and acts as a digestible and concise summary of life and services on campus as well as a diary of upcoming events. 

Inside The Handbook

Advertising in the Handbook is a full-page format on the right-hand side, as the book is A5 we don’t have any other advertising sizes. So we make the most of your space!!

Our Website

Our website is the educational resource for all of our students when it comes to their rights, union news, support education and direct contact with us.

We also offer online services through our website including grinds listings, class rep registrations and online voting. The site caters to every dimension of a student’s needs on and off campus and is an important tentpole of the union.

Homepage Advertising

The landing page and hub for all things SU, there are generally four spaces available for a yearly contract.

The advertising space would be located underneath the head banner of the website and would be statistically one of the most viewed places on the site. Hyperlinks can be attached to the adverts and easily tracked for your advert metrics.

Our Socials

We have a strong following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (which we find) are the major social media outlets, with Instagram being particularly communicative with our student body.

Being responsible with social media is our mantra here at the Students’ Union. We will only promote products and services that benefit our students.

Our Social Media Packages

If you advertise with us through the explicit mag, we will consider introducing social media offerings into the package if appropriate.

We mainly focus on content through Instagram because we find it the best catchment platform for the student body and we mirror that out through our other socials.

Our social media content is more information about events or general content that benefits the students (Giveaways included).

With regards to posting, we can agree on a time and date that you wish to push your advertising on socials, the same post will be mirrored to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the same time (generally we’d get about 4.5k views per post on average across the three social platforms. Posting to the main timelines and stories.)

Advertise at a great Cork University!

MTU, third level university is located in Bishopstown, Cork caters for over 10,000 full-time students. MTU Cork Students’ Union offers various ways of advertising and marketing to the entire college of students and staff, disseminating advertisers messages to their target audience. EXPLICIT digital magazine publication targets the entire college student body and alumni of over 18,000.

Email: or call us at 021 433 5274 without obligation

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MTU CORK Students Freshers Diary & Handbook - always at Hand...

MTU Cork Students’ Union publishes a Freshers Diary and a Handbook providing information on all facets of student life and has a circulation of over 2,500 copies. The diary is given out FREE of charge to Fresher students and class representatives at our Bishopstown campus, Cork School of Music, Cork College of Art and Design and the National Maritime College of Ireland. This Cork university handbook and diary is an ideal marketing vehicle for your organisation to reach a rapidly growing market. The Handbook doubles as an academic dairy, which ensures its ongoing usefulness and the longevity of your advertisement.

View Diary Page

College Online Marketing - Where it's at ...

Students are at the forefront of modern communication methods and electronic media offers the perfect opportunity to mass market to students or specifically targeted individuals or groups. Advertising banners, links and branding options are available for and SU social media. Please contact us so we may discuss options to suit your requirements.

Please email or call us at 021 433 5274 without obligation

College Event Sponsorship - Alive & Kicking...

MTU Cork Students’ Union provides students with an active entertainment calendar throughout the year, both on campus and at night events. Cork college event sponsorship presents you with the opportunity to place banner advertising or branding behind live stage, and your brand or organisation’s name will be included in promotional literature such as flyers, posters and online.

Please email or call us at 021 433 5275 without obligation

Cork College Student Events and Nights Out

MTU Cork night time events: Back To College Bash, Freshers Week – Daily Events on Campus & City Centre, S.H.A.G.* Week (*Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week), Halloween Bash, MTU Conferring – Graduation Ball, MTU Positive Mind & Body, Christmas Bash, MTU SU Raceday at Mallow Races, Rag Week – Daily Events on Campus & City Centre, MTU SU Safety Week, Class Rep Awards, MTU SU Exam DE-Stress Events, Spring Break Bash, Eclectic Picnic

Please email or call us at 021 433 5275 without obligation

College Freshers Packs - In the bag...

A welcome Fresher’s Pack is distributed FREE of charge to all incoming first year students and contains primarily tangible products including stationery, confectionary and toiletry products by MTU Cork Students’ Union. We limit the number of paper products in this pack to first of all facilitate the assemblage of the pack and secondly, and more importantly to you, to ensure the visibility of your message so that it is not lost amongst a plethora of circulars. The cost to place a circular in this pack is €500 which is used to offset the expenditure required to put the packs together. Over 2,200 packs are distributed every year.

Please email or call us at 021 433 5274 without obligation