Let's Get Social

We organise a number of events both on and off campus such as:

  • R.A.G. Week and Freshers’ Week
  • Student Race Day
  • Live Gigs
  • Club Nights

We also offer the following facilties:

  • Pool Tables (located in the common rooms on the Bishoptown Campus, NMCI and CSM campuses)
  • Support Classes with the Organisation of Social Events

Class Events

Book your class events through the SU Office. Class Parties are another way of getting to know your classmates outside your college day. We are here to help you get the best deals whether it’s going on a night out or bowling etc.

Common Room – Student Centre

Pool tables are available for use in the common room based in the Student Centre. There is also an Xbox 360 station in the common room, controls and various games are also available from the Students’ Union Office. CCTV is installed in the Common Room to help ensure respect and safety in the common room which is for the use of all students.

RAG Week

RAG (Raise And Give) Week is a week dedicated to collecting as much money as possible for charity through entertainment events both on and off college campus. RAG Week is the highlight of the college calendar and over the last number of years considerable funds have been raised for worthy charities. All day-time entertainment is free of charge and money is raised through a big raffle and events like coffee morning. Night-time events are a social calendar must with the added benefit of contributing towards a number of worthy causes while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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