Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regs


Please note, these rules may be updated from time to time.


Under the Students’ Union Constitution, the Returning Officer may at their discretion make such regulations as may be appropriate to govern the canvassing or other activities of candidates, or their agents, in seeking election.


Nomination forms must be completed and returned to the Students’ Union Office by 5pm on 16th March 2023 (no exceptions). It is advisable to ensure your nomination form is complete in plenty of time so that its validity can be checked. Please refer to the nomination form rules for further details.

Candidates running for Sabbatical positions must not be restricted from employment in Ireland.

Sabbatical Officers will need to undergo Garda Vetting.

All candidates (or a representative) must be present at a meeting at the close of nominations.



Canvassing will commence after close of nominations, 5.00pm on 16th March 2023. All canvassing prior to this date is strictly prohibited. For the purposes of this section erection of posters or other electoral type material or public social media posts seeking nomination will be interpreted as canvassing.

All candidates and their representatives are expected to treat all other candidates as well as other members of the University community with dignity and respect and abide by basic rules of fair play.

All canvassing must be confined to campus grounds. All canvassing must be carried out in keeping with the laws and regulations of both the Institute and the state.

Candidates need to at all times be conscious of both their own health and safety and the health and safety of others. Throughout the campaign candidates must adhere to public health and the University guidelines & regulations.

The use of text messaging, email, media sharing sites and social networking sites is permissible but the rules of fair play must be adhered to or this right will be revoked. Candidates or their agents who do take up the option to canvass online must provide details of any relevant social media sites they are using for this purpose. This should be done by emailing including links to the relevant sites.

All electioneering material must be removed at close of the polling station.

All Social Media campaigning accounts must be removed within one week after the election has taken place.



A range of disciplinary procedures shall apply for breaches of any of the above regulations.  These can vary depending on the seriousness of the offence, from at a basic level for an innocent mistake a verbal warning, up to for a serious offence being banned from this and future SU elections.  At all times any disciplinary action will be chosen to match the offence and disciplinary measures will only be carried out once the alleged offender has been given an opportunity to explain their actions.  If this explanation proves insufficient and in the view of the Returning Officer an offence has occurred then she will apply an appropriate disciplinary action.  The Returning Officer’s decision on such matters is final.

Dr Judith Butler, Returning Officer

Vicky O’Sullivan, Elections Administrator


Below is link to the Constitution of MTU Cork Students’ Union.

Article 3 details membership and rights of members of the Students’ Union

Schedule B details the election process of the Students’ Union

Schedule C details the code of conduct for Sabbatical Officers (rights and obligations)