Union Staff

Administration/ Reception

Mella Leonard is an Administration Assistant/Receptionist and is our first customer service touchpoint.  Mella is located in the reception area of the SU Office and is happy to answer any general queries you may have and to arrange for you to meet one of the Union Officers or staff members.

Mella also manages the SU retail services including the sale of college stationery and 24 + Student Leap Cards to MTU students.

Contact email: mella.leonard@mtu.ie

Tel: 021 4335271


Joshua Volfango is an Administration Assistant with responsibility for supporting processes and activities undertaken by the SU. Josh helps to manage and maintain the SU grinds database and also manages bookings for various courses organised by the SU throughout the year. Josh supports Class Representative Registrations and holds all documents relating to Union Council and General Meetings.

Josh is also based in the reception area of the SU and will be pleased to assist you with any queries.

Contact email: joshua.volfango@mtu.ie

Tel: 021 4335278

Entertainments Manager

Mick O’Mahony is the full-time Entertainments Manager and organises a full programme of events throughout the year including Rag Week and Freshers Week.  Mick books all of the various artists, musicans and performers who take part in SU events.  Mick can also be contacted if you wish to sponsor any of our SU events.

Mick is the person to contact if you wish to arrange a Class Party or activity or if you want to become part of the Entertainment Crew.

Contact email: CorkSUEvents@mtu.ie

Tel: 021 4335275

Publications Manager

Aaron O’Driscoll designs and produces all of the the SU publications including the Freshers Handbook, EXPLICIT magazine, flyers and posters.  Aaron is responsible for our website management.  Aaron also manages our advertising and marketing sales.

Aaron is the person to contact if you wish to make a submission to EXPLICIT magazine.

Contact email: CorkSUpublications@mtu.ie

Tel: 021 4335274

General Manager

Vicky O’Sullivan is responsible for the overall operational management of the Students’ Union and deals with finance, staff management, project management and communication & marketing.

Contact email: vicky.osullivan@mtu.ie

Tel: 021 4335272