Student Grants

Student Grants

The student grant is the main source of financial help available from the Irish State for students in full-time higher education undergraduate courses.

For eligible students, the grant is there to help with the various costs of participating in further or higher education. The Student Finance Website can help you to assess whether you are eligible and guide you in beginning the process.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who do I apply to?

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the single awarding authority for all student grant applications. If you are a new student or changing course you should apply to SUSI through their website. The student grant application system is an “Online application system” and is accessed at

Where can I contact SUSI?

Via The SUSI Support Desk which is open 9.00am – 5.30pm   Monday to Friday

• Email:

• Telephone 0761 08 7874


Can I apply for a student grant online?

Yes, The student grant application system is an “Online application system” and can be accessed at

Can I submit an application for a student grant after the advertised closing date?

NO, you cannot normally unless you have a permanent change in circumstances. It is highly recommended that you complete an online application as soon as you can after either completing your Leaving Certificate exams or if you are thinking about pursuing an approved course in 2022/2023, but not later than the published closing date. You will need to contact SUSI in relation to any application after that date.

I have been approved for a grant, how will it be paid?

Students applying to SUSI will be paid on a monthly basis (nine instalments) by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into their own bank account. Continued payment will be dependent on verification of your attendance on the course by your college at regular intervals throughout the academic year. The student contribution element of the fee grant will be paid directly to the college on your behalf.

If my application for a student grant is refused, or I do not receive the level of grant I expected, can I appeal the decision?

Yes, if you feel your application for a student grant has been incorrectly assessed you may appeal the decision of the awarding authority to its appeals officer – you must do this within thirty days of the awarding authority’s decision.

I have applied to my college for a scholarship/prize/bursary. If I am successful in this regard, will this affect my eligibility for a student grant?

No, as long as the scholarship, prize or bursary is being made by the institution being attended it will not exclude you from being eligible to hold a student grant.

If I’m approved for the grant, but do not receive payment by the time I start or return to college, what assistance is available?

There is no scheme as such which specifically supports students approved for the grant but not as yet paid. However the Student Assistance Fund may be of assistance or an agreement can be made with CIT to stage payments. (Please call into the Access Office or the Students’ Union office for more information on supports available).

*** For further information on Student Grants and Funding, please visit our Welfare Section on this topic grants-and-funding1 , a very good video on how to apply for a student grant is available here also.

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