Communications Officer – Alma Krause

Communications Officer  – Alma Krause

The Communications Officer is charged with ensuring that any information that the SU wants to disseminate to students is made public, visible and heard. The Communications Officer also contributes to expliCIT magazine and helps to recruit a team to write for the magazine on an annual basis. Communication is vital and the SU cannot effectively operate without an effective communication system between students and the SU Officers.

For those of you who don’t know, the Students’ Union represent every student in MTU, we have six officers on the executive, mine is a non-sabbatical position which basically means my role is voluntary and unpaid.

In my term as Communications officer my biggest aim will be to breathe new life into expliCIT, the college magazine, and make it interesting for all of our students who read it. I hope to be able to get more information about the goings on of the union to the student body, thus getting more students actively involved with MTU Cork SU. I hope to continue the work that I started in building a reputation for the non-sabbatical officers and the collaboration between MTU Cork SU and our students ensuring that no student feels left out.

For every Students’ Union we can only be as good as the students that we represent. In my opinion that’s good news for us because we represent the best – award winning societies & students, academically recognised success in all departments, and sporting champions. MTU is a place when opportunities are around every corner, so be sure to grab every last one that you can, and enjoy your college experience.

Here in MTU Cork SU we want to get involved with as many students as possible, so if you have any ideas that you want to try out and get involved with, be it fundraising, night-time events, awareness campaigns, protests, surveys, we are more than happy to help and get involved in any way that we can.

Please feel free to contact at any time. Phone: 021 433 5270