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18 June, 2014

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the USI are looking for student creators to design and make a ‘signature’ prize for the first National Teaching Hero Award Prize-giving. We’re offering a €1,500 commission to produce a 2D designed piece.

The teaching hero award initiative enables students from across the higher education sector in Ireland to recognise those teachers who have had a strong and lasting impact on their learning and on their lives. The award will be an endorsement of outstanding teachers and a celebration of the value of higher education teaching. This is your chance to be the student who designs the signature piece and define how the prize should look. We are looking for a design that will capture the spirit of the award: the dedication, inspiration and care that great teachers display.
We invite you to submit a design proposal for the award piece – which will be presented to up to 70 teaching heroes of higher education at a ceremony in September 2014.

All registered higher level design students are eligible to enter this competition.
Recently graduated students are eligible to enter this competition.

The design should:
• Reflect the theme which is to recognise outstanding teachers who have had a strong and lasting impact on students learning.
• Be a 2D image, inspiring and beautiful design
• Show that the piece can be delivered by a deadline of the end of August
• Capture the spirit of excellent, inspiring teaching in a higher education context
• It must incorporate the National Forum and the USI logos on the design
• As a guideline the award should be A4 size

The selected design will receive an award of €1,500.
There is also a runner’s up prize of €150.

Reasons to apply:
a) Receive recognition for your design excellence by a National Forum panel
b) Gain experience working to a design brief and delivery deadline
c) Identify and manage your production budget

Entrance procedure
1. Completed application form (see below) to be emailed to by Friday the 25th of July.
2. The National Forum and the USI will select the winner by Friday the 1st of August
3. For email queries please contact:

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