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December 2016

05 December, 2016

Hi Guys,

As we write this…our final Officer Address of the semester, we can’t quite believe that the first semester is almost over. What a semester it’s been! It has been and continues to be an honour and privilege to be your student representatives this year, we look extremely forward to Semester 2 already and all that it will bring with it.

Graduation Ceremonies 2016

A huge congratulations to all students who graduated during the Graduation Ceremonies 2016. The Students’ Union wish you all well in your future studies, endeavours and new work opportunities. We hope your time here in CIT serves you well in the next exciting chapters of your lives.
On behalf of the Students’ Union team, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all who were involved in the excellent organisation, and ensuring of the smooth running of the conferring ceremonies also. No easy fete! It was a pleasure for us to be a part of the ceremonies.

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

We hope you all enjoyed the Mental Health Awareness Campaign which was held from the 8th – 10th November. It was a very successful campaign with huge student involvement. Thank you to all who got involved and helped out especially during the campaign. The aim of this week was to promote positive mental health and a core message was that “it’s okay to be not okay”. We also held a day long Spinathon in aid of Pieta House and We are pleased to tell you that from this we made €373.07 for this fantastic organisation. As a Union we can’t emphasise how important Mental Health is so we urge you all to look after your own Mental Health and always remember that Talking is a sign of strength.

ACP (Association of Childhood Professionals) Rally

The Students’ Union was delighted to be a part of the ACP Rally held in Dublin on November 15th. It was fantastic to join three bus loads of our Early Years Education students and lecturing staff within the Department to highlight to the Government the huge shortfall in funding for the sector as well as the despicable pay our graduates receive in this area having under gone three to four years of third level education. Our graduates are some of the best in the country, they deserve pay that acknowledges and recognises their qualifications. The Chair of the organisation is one of CIT’s own lecturers Marian Quinn. Marian spoke with passion and dedication at the event and the SU would highly recommend her for future endeavours in political arenas.

Library Study Hubs = Big Hit

The new library Study Hubs are certainly proving a big hit with everyone! Over 1200 students used these new hubs for group study during the month of October! May the high usage and demand long continue!

Voter Registration Day

The SU took part in a Union of Students in Ireland (USI) National Voter Registration Day on Wednesday, 16th of November! #YourUnionYourVoice
For all students who were not registered to vote in local and national government elections this was an good opportunity to do so. Over 250 students registered to vote. It was also a great opportunity to talk with students who are registered to vote and encouraging them to cast their votes in any forthcoming elections. Why make an excuse, when you can make a difference? Every vote counts and does make a difference. The power and importance of the student voice is something we naturally as a Students’ Union whole heartedly believe in. It is time that the students of this island highlighted to the government that we will not tolerate inadequately resourced education and facilities any longer!
We demand a better future for us and for generations to come. Those who benefit most from education is society as a whole. Education should be publicly funded. Increased fees and loans would adversely affect students and cannot be allowed to happen. We will not allow it to happen, because we value education and a bright future without extortionate debts.
As a student body locally and nationally we need to send a clear message to the powers that be that we are united, a force to be reckoned with that we will vote in government elections, will shape the political structure of this country and will have our voices heard loud and clear. #TogetherWeAreStronger
As the recent surprising result of the USA Presidential Election highlights; anything can happen in politics, so let’s take no chances!  #LoveTrumpsHate
Every vote counts and shapes the course of the future for the citizens of a country.

Respect For Your Enviroment

We can’t impress enough on all students the importance of respecting the environment of CIT and your fellow students and staff members by:
• Disposing of all your rubbish – The Common Room, all areas of the Student Centre, Main Building, and Food Court etc. are self-cleaning areas. It is vital that all students dispose of litter in the designated areas.
• Refraining from smoking directly
outside entrances to buildings.
• Disposing of cigarette ends in the appropriate bins – not stubbing them out and leaving them on the ground.
The cleaning staff and staff within all catering outlets work very hard to provide a good and friendly service to the student body of the Institute, it is vital to us as a Union that they are shown the appropriate respect and courtesy at all times.  If you bought it dump it! Don’t expect someone else too. We thank all students in advance for their cooperation in this matter.

Library Usage during Exam Period

The Library is heavily utilised by the student body during the exam period and weeks preceding it. The SU encourage all students to respect their fellow students by:
 • Not leaving a study space unattended for any excessive periods. We understand that people have to get a munch etc. a rule of thumb for the maximum period to leave your area would be thirty minutes. Should you be gone for any longer we would ask that you would take your possessions with you so as the place can be used by another student.
• Not making any unnecessary noise/s in the library vicinity.

Good Luck with your Exams…You’ve Got This!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all students the very best of luck with their end of semester exams. The hard work will be all worth it in the end Guys…..It will be Christmas before ye know it.

Have a Great Christmas One and All, and wishing you all the very best for the New Year,
Shane, Rej, Ruth, Dave, Dan, Rebekah
Proudly YOUR Students’ Union Team

December 2016

December 26th, 2016
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