VP Welfare – Eva Corcoran

VP Welfare – Eva Corcoran

The Students’ Union represents the 8000 students of MTU and we are here to help you during your time here. If you need help, just pop in to the Students’ Union Offices and we will lead you in the right direction. We work for YOU.

As Vice-President Welfare, I will run various Welfare Campaigns throughout the year including S.H.A.G. (Sexual Health and Guidance) Week, Body and Soul Week, Exam Destress Week and Safety Week to name a few. I’m also going to run smaller campaigns like International Women’s Day and International Day of People with Disabilities.

To help you with your Sexual Health, I have a supply of condoms in my office for students that may need them. Condom use is very important as they prevent Sexually Transmitted illnesses and unplanned pregnancies. I have a wide range of information leaflets in my office about many different problems like Domestic Violence and Accommodation.

While I am always willing to talk to people about their problems, I have to make you aware that I am not a trained councillor. I will listen and offer the best support I can and I will be able to refer you to extra assistance if needed.

My aim for the year is to ensure that your experience in MTU is a happy one and a safe one. The best way to do that is to let you hear as many sides as possible to the important issues in society today. The best advice that I can give to everyone, whether you are starting college or returning, is to Be Yourself.

Tel: (021) 433 5273

Mob: (086) 384 2977

Email: suwelfarecork@mtu.ie