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October Address

10 October, 2016

Love your campus…keep it clean

The Students’ Union urge all students to keep the campus clean. On a daily basis potential employers of CIT graduates visit the campus, we as a student body want them to leave with the best possible impression of us as students and of CIT. It’s essential that the campus is always in a clean and tidy condition.

We ask you to help us in this quest by:

• Showing respect for the staff in the campus catering outlets e.g. The Food Court, Bistro etc. by ensuring that you leave your cutlery in the designated areas upon leaving the area, whilst disposing of any rubbish. It takes a little effort while making a big difference.

• Disposing of all rubbish prior to leaving The Common Room area.

Union of Students in Ireland (USI) National Demonstration on Weds 19th October…Education is taking to the streets!

On October 19th the student voice has an opportunity to be heard, an imperative one, in our opinion on contingent loan schemes and why we believe that a publicly funded education model is the way forward for generations now and to come. This is a chance to highlight to the Government that students are a serious voting block and to highlight to them the unsustainable issues that exist in the current funding model for third level education.

CIT SU will be organising a number of buses to allow students the opportunity to travel to Dublin for this demonstration. We hope that you can join us on the day. Let’s get out there and show the government what a powerful voice ours is…that of the student voice.
Don’t want to be saddled with debt? Then be sure to join us. Education is a right not a privilege.
Why not do nothing?
Education Is…Hope for the future, Unite to protect it!
Interested in going to this demonstration? Talk to your Class Representative and/or visit the Students’ Union office and we’ll take it from there…let’s do this! CIT Abú!

Library Group Study Hubs

The new library study hubs were launched on Thursday 29th September. Many thanks to The Good Start team for organising this event. The spaces are much welcomed by the SU. The hubs add much to the library and we are sure will serve students well for many years to come.

There are five hubs in total, located on the ground floor of the Bishopstown Campus Library, which can be booked via the Library web page where the rules for booking and use of the Hubs can also be accessed. The CIT Student Finance Committee, which all of the sabbatical officers are members of predominantly funded this project. The Students’ Union was also delighted to be in a position to assist in the funding of the hubs.

The SU would like to thank and commend Jean Ricken (Institute Librarian) and the library team for their initiative and passion for driving this project on and keeping it on track. We also convey a special thanks to Frank Hanley (Student Resources Manager) for his never-ending support for this project over many years, and the huge work he’s put in to seeing it through to completion.

It is heart-warming to see the hubs in action as this has been a consistent request from the student body for some time. #StudentVocie

S.H.A.G. Week

Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance Campaign (S.H.A.G.) will run from 11th-13th October. The aim of this campaign is to inform you about looking after your sexual health, staying safe, and where to go if you are ever faced with tough decisions and issues which may arise.

During this 3 day campaign, there will be a Wel-fair in the main corridor from 11-2pm each day which will consist of information stands from various organisations. Please ask any questions you may have at any of these stands.

Make sure to get involved in our games, competitions and our Workshops with Dr Sex and also pick up your FREE S.H.A.G Pack. There are free condoms available in the Students’ Union Welfare Office. If you would like to help out or get involved during this campaign and others please email VP Welfare Ruth and sign up to be a welfairy at
Your sexual health is not only important for these 3 days but for the rest of your life. You can also book into CIT’s Medical Centre on Thursday 13th Oct from 2pm for your STI check.

Mind Your Mates

Here at CIT SU, we are asking each and everyone of you to
#MindYourMates. On a night out, never leave anyone wander off by themselves especially after consuming alcohol. We would ask you all to please put aside money for a taxi home or have a pre-arranged spin home. NEVER walk home alone.

Remember how important it is to never leave your drinks unattended. If someone is buying you a drink, make sure to go to the bar with them and see the drink coming directly to you. If you think your drink has been spiked tell your friends who you are with and make sure to report it security the bar staff and the guards.

We in CIT SU want you to enjoy your nights out but ensure being safe while doing so.

Best Wishes,
Shane, Ruth, Dave, Dan, Rebekah

October Address

January 26th, 2016
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