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24 January, 2014

Exam Results

Be sure to check out the ‘Exam results – what do to next’ article in this edition to make sure you know the score. Any queries contact Rich in the Students’ Union office (first floor balcony in the Students Centre).

Elective Enrolment

Your course will normally include both MANDATORY and ELECTIVE modules. You will be automatically enrolled on the mandatory modules (if you have paid the necessary fees), but you will be required to enrol for the elective modules you wish to take this semester. You will receive an email containing a web link and instructions on how to enrol online.

First Union Council of 2014

The first UC will take place Wednesday 29th January in The Rory Gallagher theatre. We will be kicking the semester off with an agenda that captures all key developments since last semester and your feedback and instruction will be required in order to direct your Unions’ stance on items such as; Munster Technological University, USI congress and elections, The Capital Development Reserve fund and RAG week.

Mental Health Policy

We are proud to report that CIT has begun developing a Student Mental Health Policy. It is time that this policy is developed and implemented  to help students achieve their academic and personal potential while in a supportive and caring environment. College can be a time of many changes and challenges, which can affect some students mental wellbeing. Over the coming months  the steering committee  will be seeking students to take part in focus groups so that your opinions are heard and so that you , the students have an input. Your input into this policy will be crucial. If any of you are interested in taking part please email
• If you’re having a house party, ensure people remain inside the house
• Try and keep noise to a minimum when entering and exiting taxis or buses.
Welcome back, enjoy this semester and remember Mind Your Mates.

Bonus Study Space

With over one hundred students utilising the initiative we wish to ensure this sets a precedent for the future of study spaces at exam times.

Survey – How happy are you with CIT?

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”
To all 623 respondents, we humbly salute you; the survey raised some very interesting feedback, suggestions, and viewpoints. The feedback has allowed us to apply resources to areas highlighted by the data collected. Watch out for the next edition of ExpliCIT for updates on the key issues, and how they have developed.

Mind Your Mates

So you are back and all refreshed ready to go for this Semester. It may have been quite a while since you have met up with some of your college friends and it is always really great to get together and catch up or have a night out together. January may have been a lonely time for some so be sure to look out for your friends and classmates when they come back.
A lot of big plans for RAG week this year and we are sure that a lot of you will be heading out.  Just remember it’s not only important to have a good night, but to be safe!  You do not have to drink to have a good night, if you are drinking, drink responsibly and in moderation.
Try not to walk alone at night and aim to go home as a group or else share a taxi (can’t be too safe). The night bus will also be running for only €2 and will pick up from its usual spot near Four Star Pizza on Washington Street. Also, when coming home after a night out or if there are a big group of you in one place please be aware of and respect your neighbours around you, whether it is in apartments or residential housing. There can be serious consequences to excessive noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour, and no one wants the Gardaí knocking at the door.

You can avoid jeopardising your academic future by following these simple guidelines…
• Keep noise and music to a reasonable level
• Only admit people you know to your house, as the tenants bear all responsibility for the actions of their guests
• Keep your doors and windows shut
• Don’t litter the student village or residential estate with cans and bottles etc.

Looking forward to semester 2,
Danny, Rich, Ciara, Aaron, Dean and Michael

Officers address

January 24th, 2014
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