VP Education – Oisín Gahan

VP Education – Oisín Gahan

The key areas I can assist you with and offer advice on are as follows:

  • Academic Issues
  • Placement Queries
  • Grants & Financial Issues
  • Exams & Assessments
  • Sourcing Grinds & Extra Tuition

I also offer support to those students undergoing placement as part of their time here in MTU. So, if you’re an engineer, a scientist, a business student finding it difficult to find placement, feeling anxious, need advice or support, having difficulty with your employer, want clarification on your rights at work or just need someone to chat to – my door is always open. Student life can get stressful – so whatever the query; get in touch!

A problem shared is a problem halved!

One of my main areas of responsibility in the Students’ Union is ensuring that you, the student, receive the best standard of education possible. You worked hard to get here, and it’s my job to ensure that you get every opportunity to have the best student experience possible. I have a seat on every board and committee which affects the quality of the education you receive. You tell me what you need, I’ll do my utmost make it happen.

Class Reps are integral to the decision-making process of the union. I am involved in the Class Representative Recruitment process. I would strongly recommend that each of you consider this role. As class rep. you help develop the learning partnership between staff and students. As well as playing a crucial role in the student experience there are benefits to you personally. Some of the skills and experience you will gain from your experience as a student representative include; communication and negotiation skills, leadership experience, organisational and problem-solving skills. Not only will you make a positive contribution for your fellow students, but you will also stand out from the crowd in future job interviews! We provide training and support for all class reps. The aim of the class rep is to ensure that the voice of the students is heard in the board rooms, and that their classmate’s needs are listened to. I was elected class rep in my first year of college and it was an absolute privilege to represent my classmates. You might also choose to be the co-ordinator of class trips and parties – it’s all about the balance!

MTU is renowned for its close-knit community spirit and student engagement is a top priority. The smaller class sizes and tutorials allow the staff and students to connect on a more personal level creating an open learning environment and this is our unique selling point!

Tel: (021) 433 5276

Mob: (087) 062 4830

Email: sueducationcork@mtu.ie