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Rag Week 2015

25 November, 2014


Please take time to read all about the charities before voting.  You can vote by clicking here. Voting only takes a second.  Closing date Tuesday 25th November 2014.

AGE ACTION CORK runs two key services in Cork, the ‘Care & Repair’ service where volunteers do odd jobs and DIY work for older people free of charge and the ‘Getting Started’ service where volunteers teach older people to use computers.  They also work to bring about better policies and services for older people in Cork by meeting with elected representatives to highlight issues that affect older people and through various other forms of advocacy work.

CHILDLINE provides a listening service for all children up to the age of 18 seeking to empower and support children using the medium of telecommunications and information technology. Young people contact the service for a wide range of reasons such as bullying, sexuality, everyday chat and lots of other issues. Childline has always been available to children on a 24-hour basis but it will have to close its lines at night if it cannot raise the money needed to maintain the service. “Childline receives 1,800 contacts per day. A child who calls Childline at three in the morning does not do so without good reason. Nobody wants any call for help to be met with an answering machine but without adequate funding that is the reality being faced.”

FIGHT BACK FOR SOPHIE – Sophie Moore, a CIT Student, contracted Lymes Disease and the following is just part of her story… “I was attempting to go back to CIT to complete my final year studies in Early Childhood Studies last May but unfortunately, things changed drastically, they took a horrific turn in the opposite direction. I have developed severe neurological issues. I cannot sit AT ALL, I can stand and can lie in only a very uncomfortable position. If I don’t treat the Lyme Disease in time, I am going to end up in much more pain, very limited in my movement and with more and more systems shutting down. I would give the world just to be able to sit down again. I can only drink liquids I cannot eat in any shape or from not even liquidised foods. No painkiller has touched the pain I am in, I have a whole deep freezer of ice and this is the only thing that helps for about 10 to 15 minutes. I sleep maximum four hours even on the highest sleeping pills as the pain is so severe it will not let my nervous system rest.”

Focus Ireland – Cork works with people who are homeless or are at risk of losing their homes. Their services in multiple locations across Ireland include: advice and information assistance, supported housing, education and training. Unfortunately there are at least 5,000 people who are homeless at any one time in Ireland due to problems like poverty, relationship breakdown, addiction and mental health issues.  The services provided are critical in solving homelessness in Ireland and aim to help prevent people from becoming homeless; support people who are homeless; and most importantly to help people find a place they can call home, as quickly as possible, and to settle and live independently in the community.


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Rag Week 2015

January 26th, 2015
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