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Spring update

20 April, 2015

Hi all, Spring has well and truly arrived by now. We are beginning to see the stretch in the evenings and the fine weather that goes with it. The summer break is starting to look not so distant, but there still remains the continuous assessments and summer exams. We understand that this is an increasingly busy time for you guys, but nonetheless we do have some updates and a few key dates to look out for over the coming weeks.

Students’ Union Executive 2015/16

This year the Students’ Union elections took place on Thursday the 12th of March. We would like to take this opportunity to officially congratulate the 2015/2016 CIT Students’ Union Executive Team, on their successful election:
• President – Shane Falvey
• VP Education – John O’Driscoll
• VP Welfare – Ruth O’Leary
• Entertainments Officer – Rebekah Keating
• Projects Officer – David Brady
• Communications Officer – Kate Meaney
To those who ran for election and were not successful, we congratulate you on having the courage to put yourself forward in front of the entire student body. There is always next year, so don’t give up if you are determined to represent the Student Body in an Executive position.

MTU Merger Information Campaign – Monday 20th – Thurs 23rd April

In February the decision was made by the Governing Bodies of both IT Tralee and CIT, to merge the two Institutes with a view to becoming Munster Technological University. This is an absolutely huge step which will have huge benefits for students of the new Institute. Some students have voiced their concerns over the past number of weeks regarding the process, thus we feel that it is very important to keep you guys as informed as possible as to what the merger will mean for you.
Some of the more frequently asked questions have been answered by the Students’ Union President, Michael Linehan through the new CITSU Vlog. Simply visit the CITSU Youtube page and look up ’MTU Merger – Q&A’.
On Thursday the 19th of March we also held a General Meeting to discuss the merger, and invited the President of the Institute, Dr. Brendan Murphy. The meeting was very well attended and resulted in our students asking some very tough questions of the President, which he answered in a very frank and honest manner. It was also highly re-assuring for the students present at the meeting with many of their concerns about the merger being put to bed.
The information presented at this meeting will be used during the MTU Merger Information Week, which will run Monday the 27th of April until Thursday the 30th. Look out for the Students’ Union stand in the Main Corridor between 12 and 2 that week, and pick up all of the information you need on the merger. Feel free to come and ask any questions regarding the merger. We will also be holding a repeat Information Session with Dr. Brendan Murphy addressing the student body on Thursday the 23rd April between 1 and 2pm, IT2. This is open to all students, so please feel free to come down and make your voice heard on the merger, or ask any questions you might have.

Are you Registered to Vote?

On May 22nd 2015 Irish citizens will have the opportunity to vote on two very important referenda, the  same-sex marriage referendum and the referendum on reducing the age of candidates allowed to contest the presidential election from 35 to 21. We here in the Students’ Union believe that you should exercise your right to vote and have your voice heard.  If you’re over 18 and are a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, you’re eligible to vote in any referendums and elections that take place here. However, figures released by the National Youth Council of Ireland last year showed that 30% of 18-25 year-olds aren’t even registered to vote. Worse still, when you look at the 18-21 age group, the figure jumps up to 43%- that’s nearly half of potential voters under 21 who have absolutely no say in how their country is governed.
CIT has  ensured that there will be no exams held on the 22nd of May to ensure that every student has the opportunity to vote and we fully encourage you to use your vote. So not registered to vote? Registered but at an old address? Won’t make it home to vote? Don’t worry we have all the information here:

Check if you are on the register first

You can check the Register in any Local Authority office, Garda Station, Post office or library in the county, or by ringing up your local council. You can also check for your details on

Supplement to the Register of Electors

If your name is not on the Register of Electors in February, you may still make an application to be included in a supplement to the Register on form RFA2. You can make this application at any time, but in order to be included in the supplement used at an election or referendum, your application must be received by your local authority at least 14 days before polling day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday are not counted as days for this purpose). This form must be completed in the presence of a member of An Garda Síochána. You must bring photo identification with you.

Turning 18

You are eligible for inclusion in the supplement to the Register of Electors on or after the day on which you reach 18 years of age. You can be included if this birthday falls after the closing date for applications but is on or before polling day. If you are within this category, you should accompany your application with a copy of your birth certificate.

Change of address
You can apply for inclusion on the supplement as a result of changing address on form RFA3. This will also remove you from the register for your previous address. This form must be completed in the presence of a member of An Garda Síochána. You must bring photo identification with you.

Supplement to the Postal Voters List
Persons attending a course of study at an educational institution in the State on a full-time basis and are living away from their address of registration and are likely to be unable to attend their designated polling station to vote may apply for entry on the postal voter list by completing form PV2. In order to be included on this register, the person must already be on the Register of Electors.
The latest date for receipt of applications is 22 days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) before polling day for other elections or referenda.

Who is eligible to vote in the upcoming referendum?
Only Irish citizens can vote in a referendum.
If you are registered as a postal voter, you may vote by post only. You may not vote at a polling station.
We have all the above forms available from the Students’ Union Office on the 1st Floor of the Student Centre.

Marriage Equality Referendum

Last year CIT Students’ Union’s Union Council voted in favour of supporting Marriage Equality and currently are and will continue to campaign for a YES vote. In our next copy of Explicit and on our social media over the next month you will see various pieces of information leading up to the referendum.We also have lots of leaflets on why you should vote yes to Marriage Equality and some myth busters on the arguments some people may have against Marriage Equality. We encourage you to speak to anyone you can , especially your older relations, parents and grandparents on how they will be voting in the upcoming referendum. If you would like to take part in any of our canvassing, videos or photo stunts please let us know we would be delighted to have you all involved. #Makegráthelaw

Michael, Shane, Ciara, Avril, Rej, Mikey

Spring update

January 26th, 2015
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