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Student Travel/Bus Tickets

01 October, 2014


The following are few tips on how to get the best deal at present and updates will be given to you as soon as the information is given to the Students’ Union: Buy your weekly and monthly commuter tickets and provincial bus tickets from the Students’ Union using the wayfarer.  We will maintain this service until further notice and these are the cheapest student commuter fares available for now.  Please also note this is the only way of purchasing combined Midleton & Cobh Rail/Bus monthly commuter tickets.

Please note: the SU cannont accept Student Card payments – cash based service only.

Prior to purchase of a commuter ticket, it is necessary to obtain a Bus Éireann Commuter ID card from the Bus Station at Parnell Place at a cost of €3. Temporary cards are avialble from the SU.

Provincial bus tickets (must be purchased on the day of travel). Tickets purchased for Friday travel allow you to get the 205 bus to the Bus Station free of charge.


The new leap system is being rolled out across the country, and Dublin is fully up and running.  However, the facility to top up  Student Leap Cards with commuter tickets is not necessarily widely available from retailers yet.  Do not buy AN ADULT LEAP CARD, this will mean you are buying commuter bus tickets at adult fares and not student discounted fares.  Make sure, if you are topping up a Student Leap Card that the retailer has the student top up facility.

Student Leap cards will be available from the Students’ Union from the end of next week at a cost of €15.  Forms are available from the SU and your photograph will be taken in the SU when you are ready to buy your card. If you are buying your Bus Tickets from the SU, there is no urgency about getting your card.  However, if you have received an AIB VOUCHER please have your card processed before the end of November as your voucher will expire at this point – your voucher is worth €12, so you will only have to pay  €3.

Student Travel/Bus Tickets

January 26th, 2014
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