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Togetherall is a safe, online community where people support each other. By sharing feelings, thoughts, emotions, and experiences we can all improve our mental health, together. Members can sign up instantly, share anonymously and access the community at any time, day or night.

Togetherall is the only online peer-support community that is moderated 24/7 by fully trained mental health professionals and led by an on-duty clinical team. An early innovator in digital mental health, since 2007 we have provided a place for support to over 350,000 people worldwide.

We are the only digital mental health service rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We work closely with the NHS, the British Armed Forces, and over 250 universities and colleges across the UK and North America.


We are all on our own journey when it comes to maintaining our mental health. It’s part of being human.

Some people need treatment but are not ready to ask for help. Some cannot access the help they need. Others experience lifelong battles with anxiety or depression and require ongoing support. But all of us struggle with difficult situations, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Whatever someone’s need, we know it always helps to share and connect with real citizens who understand. Community is vital to break isolation, prevent escalation, and bolstering the treatment or recovery of mental health conditions.

Togetherall believes that supporting mental health starts with community. Our mission is to make the community accessible, scalable and safe.

For more please watch this short explainer video to learn more. 


    • Are struggling with low mood and not feeling like themselves
    • Are currently experiencing work or study-related stress
    • Are experiencing generalised anxiety or mild depression
    • Have difficulty in opening up to close friends and family
    • Are isolated in some way
    • Are reluctant to access other face-to-face services due to fear of stigma
    • Are currently awaiting treatment for a mental or physical health condition
    • Are looking for support between treatment sessions
    • Require services outside office hours: those in work, or with caring commitments for example
    • Are not able to travel to face-to-face appointments, perhaps due to a lack of transport, physical health conditions, work commitment, childcare etc.

Togetherall Is Available NOW

November 1st, 2022
4 minute read