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04 May, 2021

MTU Medical Centre has commenced vaccination of Students at higher risk of Covid 19.

Students with the medical conditions outlined below are eligible for Vaccination.


Category 4 (Very High Risk)

  • Diabetics with HbA1c>58mmol in the last 12 months
  • Obesity – BMI >40
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease – on home oxygen or hospitalized in past 12 months


Category 7 (High Risk)

  • Diabetics – all other diabetics Type 1 and 2
  • Obesity – BMI>35
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease –includes severe asthma, moderately severe COPD
  • Chronic Heart Disease –on treatment or previous surgery
  • Immunocompromised –includes HIV, Hepatitis, Previous Splenectomy, Certain medication
  • Cancers
  • Chronic Kidney, Liver or Neurological Disease

If you use the MTU Medical Centre as your primary GP service or are an International student and think you may be eligible for Vaccination under Category 4 or 7, please contact the Medical Centre by email at by this Friday 30th April.

Please include your name, date of birth, student number, PPS number, mobile phone number,  preferred email and details of your medical condition.

We will contact you in due course to confirm eligibility and arrange an appointment. This is dependent on vaccine supply.

We are using the Pfizer Vaccine to vaccinate this category, involving two vaccinations one month apart.

Students who have been contacted by the hospital services for vaccination should attend that service as arranged.

A message from Medical Centre – MTU Cork


January 26th, 2021
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