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29 January, 2016

A Cháirde,

May we all achieve what we so strive for, both individually and collectively in 2016. Current news…

Exam Results

As you all are aware,thursday the 4th of February is the release date for the Semester 1 exam results. Passed all your exams? Well done, huge congratulations are in order, enjoy the celebrations and pats on the back from the parents. It really puts into perspective that hard work and study really does pay off. Didn’t pass all of your modules in Semester 1? It’s not the end of the world. Do not panic! Do not let 1st Semester results dictate what happens in the 2nd Semester. Semester 2 brings with it a blank canvass i.e. a clean slate, a new opportunity. What’s done is done. There’s no point crying over spilt milk as it were but rather concentrate on the present, future and current semester ahead. No matter what your results are, the trick is to stay focused on the road ahead and strive to achieve your full potential as a student this semester regardless of the results that have come from Semester 1.
Any common queries you might have in relation to your examination results may be answered in the Exams Q&A on page 9. If not please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Vice President Education John O’Driscoll (Email: who will be happy to be of any assistance he can be to you. Even if you just need a chat after the release of the exam results, as we know this can be a very daunting time for students, don’t hesitate to call up to the team here in the Students’ Union, always remember that we’re here for you.

Munster Technological University (MTU) Update

The long awaited Technological Universities Bill has now being published. This is a significant milestone in CIT’s quest to obtain Technological University status, along with IT Tralee.

In simplistic terms, before an entity can apply for Technological University designation, they must first merge. In our case this merger will occur between ourselves (CIT) and IT Tralee, as such becoming one Institute of Technology. It is hoped that the new entity would be in existence for as short a time frame as possible, and that the new Munster Institute of Technology, would be awarded Technological University status.
As the institutes will be becoming one entity, so too will the respective Students’ Unions (CITSU & ITTSU). This merging of the SU’s is something that the current SU Executive and indeed the Executive of next year will be doing extensive work on. We assure the Student body that the newly formed entity will be a well-thought out one, and that the new organisation will provide an adequate and enhanced service to the student body.

The SU Executive would like to assure you the student body that the student voice will be at the heart of our role in representing your views in regards to the MTU project.  We will keep you continuously updated as further developments arise.

K.I.S.S. Day

Our Keep It Safe & Sexy day will take place on the Bishopstown campus from 12-2pm on Monday February 16th. The aim of this campaign is to promote positive sexual health in Semester two and beyond and also the importance of consent. Don’t forget that condoms are available in the SU office should you need them.

Don’t walk home alone!

In recent weeks in Cork we have unfortunately had a number of missing person’s cases. Some of these cases are still ongoing and many families are left wondering if they will ever see their loved ones again. CIT SU are encouraging you to always make sure you don’t walk home alone. Even if it means spending an extra €10 on a taxi, please do. Wouldn’t you rather get home safe than have your parents get the dreaded phone call the next day? RAG Week is going to be great with loads of fun filled events happening both during the day & night. We want you all to enjoy some great nights out but make sure to look after yourself and be safe. We encourage you all to look after each other during RAG Week and future nights out.

INFORM – Women in Leadership Programme

Are you a female who is interested in following a career in leadership? Unsure of what route lies ahead for you in the future? Why not sign up for the leadership programme organised by CITSU? It will be run here in CIT from 6pm-8pm on Wednesday 17th & 24th February. Look out for mycit emails for further details. If interested, or if you require further information, please feel free to email Shane:

Always remember that YOUR SU is always here for you, and please feel free to make contact with any member of the Students’ Union Team at any time and we will be delighted to be of assistance to you in any way we possibly can.

All the very best,
Shane, John, Ruth, Dave, Rebekah, Kate,
YOUR SU Executive

Welcome Back!

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